Salit Kulla, Co-President Marketing Club & Smaiyra Million, CEO of Reebok Sports Club

On managing her luxury brand in a low growth environment Smaiyra Million said she “changed the messaging to customers- the club is now no longer a luxury but rather an essential part of life” and “it’s all about creating an emotional product”


Spring 2014 – Upcoming Events

Case Study with P&G, Speaker Series: Jennifer Hyman, CEO of Rent the Runway, and more! Join the club to learn about the latest and greatest (email: to join).

What’s happening next for 2014-2015?

Club officers have exciting events in the works as the 2016s join in August! We’re getting ready for a great year so check back here for updates soon. The best way to get the latest info is to become a member and join our weekly mailing. Email to join.

What’s some of the things the club did last year?

* Superbowl Watching Party

* New York City Marketing Trek

* Second-year Marketing Internships Panel

* Fall & Spring Resume Review

* Marketing Recruiting Book

* HBS and MIT Sloan Marketing Club mixer

* Lunches with Marketing Professors

* Speaker Series:

  • Speaker: Smaiyra Million, CEO of Reebok Sports Club. The challenges of managing a luxury brand in a low growth environment, how to think about customer retention, and the trendiest topic – wearable technologies and how they affect the sports club business. (Co-hosted with MIT Sloan Retail & Luxury Club)
  • Speaker: Ben Yoder, Director of Strategic Partnerships at GMCR/Keurig. Keurig’s business and brand evolution from its inception to its acquisition by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, its current 16MM households, and what’s next for Fortune Magazine’s 10th fastest growing company.
  • Speaker: Frida Polli, CEO of Pymetrics (a Khosla Ventures-backed startup). What it takes to build your own company and what marketing and other challenges a start-up faces. (Co-hosted with MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club)
  • Speaker: Johnny Cupcakes @ MIT. Retail Entrepreneurship & Building a Cult Brand. (Co-hosted with MIT Sloan Entertainment, Media, and Sports Club)
  • And many more!